Music critics favourite new boy, New Yorker Devin has released a new video for his song “Masochist” from his eagerly awaited debut album ‘Romancing’. The video comes as Devin finishes up a string of shows at SxSW in Austin this past week.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the clip.

“Masochist” is the second single from ‘Romancing’, the first being triple j hit “You’re Mine”.

Devin says of the foundations of ‘Romancing’:

 “I was working a terrible job and living with a roommate in a basement apartment in Park Slope—a little hole with no windows. We were both single and pretty much depressed, not doing anything. Absolutely nothing was happening; I hated New York and everyone I knew. I was like – Maybe I’ll move to Germany.”

But it was during those unpleasant times Devin says that he began writing his first ‘good songs’.

“I’d been writing before that, but they were pretty terrible. I mean, really bad. But then I started working with these classic forms that everyone understands: rock and roll, rhythm and blues. I never knew I could pull off rock, but I wrote some songs and I could tell I didn’t suck anymore.”

A wave of praise has surfaced following his performances in Austin as part of SxSW this week, with Time Out New York declaring “As a leader, he is a breath of fresh air, tinged by the scent of Old Spice and the feel of a silk leopard-print button-down”.

NME “Brooklyn newcomer Devin sets out his stall with this hyper-energetic new single. It’s as frenetic as expected – a rock’n’roll retread of ‘Teenage Kicks’ with buzzsaw guitars nicked straight outta The Libertines’ ‘Horrorshow’ and screamy Casablancas-esque vocals”
THE LA RECORD “The songs smelled of leather motorcycle jackets and hollow body guitars.”
SOUR MASH “From his classic rock, punk-infused tunes to his onstage swagger it was no wonder we fell in love immediately.”
AUDIOCRED 4/5 “Fast, cryptic, and unpredictable, it’s everything that young love should be.”
THE GUARDIAN “This ain’t no hipster disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around. Think instead of the debut releases, the sort that demand use of the epithet “seminal”, by those sacred “S” bands – Stones, Stooges, Smiths, Strokes. Rock’n’roll not just revisited but reinstated as a matter of principle”
TIME OUT NEW YORK “The meeting point between Jack White and David Johansen.We’re totally sold on Devin”