Children Collide drummer Ryan Caesar has announced he is quitting the band after the next tour.

The news comes just weeks before a national tour and the launch of the third Children Collide album Monument’.

A statement from the band’s management about Ryan’s decision reads:

“This announcement could be a vessel to spout various lines about “creative differences”, however that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of Children Collide. So, to be honest and forthright: the relationship between band members Ryan and Johnny has over the years disintegrated. Their fine body of work and energetic live synergy is a testament to their musical and creative connection, but it’s come to a point where touring as a unit is no longer pleasant. And that is that.”

Ryan in turn issued his own statement saying:

“It saddens me deeply to announce this unfortunate news. My relationships with my dear friend Heath Crawley, everyone at Crucial Music and all others involved with the band have been of foremost importance to me and have been the catalyst for the significant endurance that both I and I’m sure John have shown towards each other for these past few years.

With those close friendships in mind it is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Children Collide at the conclusion of this next tour. The band can not function as it should, or continue forward at all with the current tensions, and the situation – looked at from any perspective, can only be resolved by my leaving. I thank each and every person who has supported us thus far and those who have worked so hard for us. I’m eternally sorry that there was not more to give. I love you all. Ryan.”

The band have promised “Ryan’s departure does not spell the end of the band [and that] Johnny and Heath will continue to tour and record”

Fans will have one final chance to see Ryan playing with the band  on the upcoming Sword to a Gunfight National tour through March and April.

Ryan has played with the band since early 2007 and is the fourth drummer the band have had since forming in 2004.