A Swedish woman who has maintained for over 20 years that she is the “real daughter” of Elvis Presley is suing the singer’s estate for $130 million.

Lisa Johansen, who claims that Lisa Marie Presley has “stolen her identity”, wants $130 million in damages on the grounds of defamation and infliction of emotional distress, reports Billboard.

Johansen first gained notoriety in 1998 when she published a memoir which was titled I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter. The book told of how after Elvis died in 1977, his wife Priscilla Presley left the US as she feared for her safety and gave her daughter a new identity for her own protection.

Johansen has always maintained that she is the rightful heir to the Presley estate and says she has evidence such as a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie Presley to prove it.

‘I, Lisa Marie’ recieved some press coverage when it was released but book sales never took off after Johansen refused to take a DNA test to prove her claims, and as a result the publisher sued her for $50 million for damaging sales of the book.

Johansen became mostly forgotten, subject to occasional Internet rumors, but she hasn’t backed off of her claims. Recently, she’s pressed authorities in the UK to investigate possible identity theft.

Johansen’s lawsuit is in response to a legal letter issued by the Presley estate in August, which had warned her that her “malicious false claims and offensive wrongful conduct” would no longer be tolerated by the estate and would result in future legal action.

Meanwhile, the whole bizarre mystery might be put to rest soon enough. According to one of documents she submitted in this case, Johansen consented to a DNA test from London authorities in 2010.